Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Samaritans

Today I was very fortunate to bump into two good Samaritans.

The first was the air stewardess during my flight from Singapore to Amsterdam. She somehow knew I was having some trouble with my nose (yes I have sensitive nose) coupled with the fluctuating pressure in the cabin, she paid 'extra' attention to me during the whole flight (: Maybe she could sense that I was a noob traveler, considering I was practically the only Asian on board. She kept asking how was I feeling and also gave me some tips on how to battle the freezing temperatures in Finland. She then surprised me with some nasal spray to help clear my block nose. haha!

The second was a Russian men named Mr. Surgay (I think)

My initial plan of sleeping over at the airport backfired when I found out that it does not open 24 hours. Tampere is a small town hence people tend to be more slack here? I don't know but for some weird reason, they do not operate 24 hours.

And so my heroic moment was downsized to a desperate kid looking for shelter for a night. I tried going to the online hostels in Tampere but it was all fully booked for the night. Even went to the extend to borrow a handphone to make a reservation but failed. With all hopes dashed, I thought I was going to heed my brother's great plan,to lock mysel
f in the toilet.

Not wanting to follow his crazy idea, I tried asking the lady at the information counter again to help me. This time, I was blessed! This Russian guy had actually booked 2 rooms at a nearby hotel and wanted to know how to get there. I quickly asked him if he could help me book an extra room at the same hotel and thankfully he
was very willing. He even offered to drive him to the hotel! (:

Now 65 euros poorer for trying to be mahco but definitely worth every penny of what I went through today (:

Blessed kid for the night (:


meeshell said...

Hey! Good to hear that God sent good samaritans your way. Take care and may God continue to bless you. Will be waiting for more updates from you. Miss you loads. Hugs!! :D

Legend said...

LOLz, you're really lucky !
Well this shows that no matter how terrible things may be, there is always a way.
Goodluck and have fun in Finland !

ChongX said...

meeshell, ahhh you still read my blog :P hehe thankss i'll be updating more, i hope! (: miss you all too :( xxx

legend: haha (: yes i'm indeed very blessed my friend!