Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nestle Snowflakes

Yesterday was my first time experiencing such heavy snow storms.
A few things I noticed :-
1) Getting hit by snow in the face/any body part is painful
2) Snowflakes are really hexagonal in shape! More info can be found here

Snowflakes on my window, will try to get a clearer up-closed photo!

3) Snow is salty!

More pics on Pyynikki tower soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nik

Those snowflakes are beautiful sight! I wish I could touch it too and make snowballs or snowman...Not sure whether when April comes, there is still snow. Anyway, you enjoy the cold weather there and absorb the beauty of winter,at the same time knowledging God's greatness and
love you

ChongX said...

Hi mum!
yes it's really beautiful and i do hope you and dad can come over. i'm sure you two would love the scenery and enjoying sipping coffee in this weather! try to come end march? yes, will try to survive the winter here!