Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100 Bucks

Scene: Lee Wee Nam Level 4

Cleaner Aunty (C): Eh, boy, ada berita baik lar!
Eh, boy, got good news

Me: Oh, apa sal?
Oh, what's up?

C: Sekarang gaji cleaner semua naik. Semalam mereka baru beritahu kita. 100 dollar lebih. banyak bagus!
Now our salary has increased. Yesterday they just told us. 100 dollars more. Very good!

Me: Wow! bagus bagus! Gembira untuk mu mak cik
Wow! Goog good! Very happy for you aunty

C: Yala banyak bagus. Dulu hanya 700 dollar, sekarang lebih 100dollar boleh ambik bas naik pergi kerja.
Ya, very good news. Last time only 700 dollars, now with the extra 100 I can take the bus to work.

Me: @.@ Maknanya sekarang jalan kaki pulang rumah?
@.@ Means now you walk back home?

C: No choice la adik, You ingat tujuh ratus boleh makan banyak a? Banyak bagus untuk makcik. Sekarang tak payah peluh-peluh bila balik rumah. bestnya.
No choice la boy, You think seven hundred dollars can eat a lot? It's very good for aunty. Now i won't sweat when i reach home. Best!

Me: haha! bagus bagus!! :D
haha! Good good! :D

And I spent my whole day today thinking of how happy will I be if i got a 100 dollar increment in the future. What say you?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Classic Sweets

My blog probably lack pictures and here they are, wahlaahh!!

I haven't seen the Horlicks and Overtine sweets for a very long time already! The last time i ate them was probably 10 years ago. 

 Breakfast deluxe from Macs. A rare moment because I always never wake up on time for Macbreakfast. (Y)