Monday, February 27, 2012


"I gt E 4 my common test.. I have improved..omg!"

My tutee dropped me a text this morning. She's been always failing last year. Best feeling ever :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012


On another typical day in the library, I decided to ask aunty some questions again.

Me: Aunty, 如果你'毕业'你要做什么?
Aunty, if you 'graduate' what are you going to do?

Aunty: 什么毕业?我没有去大学阿!
What graduate? I never go to university!

No! No! 'retire'

Aunty: Oh, 退休! 不知道。我没有想过。
Oh, retire.I don't know. Never thought it before

Why never thought of it?

Aunty: 不知道。在家 zhuo bo lo.
Don't know. Stay at home and do nothing

Me: @.@ Not boring?

Aunty: Boring la. Bo bian. kua poh cua, tv, lim kopi, zhuo bo lo.*laughs*
Boring la. No choice, read newspapers, tv, drink coffee and do nothing *laughs*

Me: Song boh!

"The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.  ~Abe Lemons"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This conversation took place a few weeks ago while i was in the library.

Scene: Me arranging the newspapers while aunty was next to me.

Me: Wah, auntie, mcdonald oo promotion. Gor kor puat. Ani pi o.
       Wah, auntie, macdonald got promotion. $5.50 only, very cheap

Aunty: simi lai mcdonald? wa be hiao! 
            What is mcdonald? i don't know

Me: *@.@!* Huh? Auntie lu bo chiak mcdonald a? 楼下。 在 Subway  那边!
        Auntie, you never eat mcdonald before? downstairs, next to subway.

Aunty: 这个东西我没有吃过!很贵啊! 
           I don't eat this kind of things. It's very expensive

Me: Aiyor, Wa chia lu la. ho chiak leh! 
       Aiyor, I treat you a meal. It's nice!

Aunty: 不要啦。 我喜欢吃菜饭
            No thank you. I like my mix vegetable rice. 

Me: Ohh. *stuns!

Never met someone who has not eaten mcdonalds!! Legendary!!

Ps: correct my grammar if it's wrong. thanks ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tower Blocks

Been quite busy over the weekend and mum was asking me what i was busy with. I told her i was playing tower blocks over the weekend ;D

Making full use of my 'office space'  xD

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silent Generation

My four years in the library has definitely taught me to appreciate the silent generation more. The next few posts will be occasions and conversations which i'll try to recall over the past years. Probably won't mean much to people but i sure did gained a lot from it.

On the side note, today i a chance to talk to a bangladeshi worker regarding some worms. Trust me it was tough.

Me: Hello Krabic? Do you sell the Can-O-Worms?

Krabic: Hi. I, I no sell. Call boss.

Me: Okay. Can you tell me your boss number?

Krabic: Now night. No work, call tomorrow.

Me: Ah, can call now? I need it urgently.

Krabic: ok ok.

I knew he understood what i was saying but he tried his best to answer me. It struck me that I was probably like him if i did converse in chinese.

After i texted him to pass me his boss' contact and this was his reply.

Hi, 8XXXXXXXX. this can countuc. 

We are truly blessed.