Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shave shave

I'm always a big fan of small changes/tweaks, my previous post can be found here, which always somehow manage to amplify the satisfaction.

Now let me begin my story :)

For the past few shaving encounters, I was struggling to get a good shave with my shaver. This was perhaps that I got quite lazy in my shaving duties resulting in rougher shaving encounters. FYI, I'm not a very hairy person and the best I can grow is just a few long whiskers.

If you are wondering, my old shaver was the cheap disposable with two bladed with a small lubricant strip attached to it. I didn't need those fancy electrical shavers or triple bladed Gillette due to my inability to grow a moustache.
My shaver, Gillette two bladed 

So, I embarked on the adventure to find that perfect shaver. I started of by changing my current shaver more frequently but I didn't work out. I resorted to investing in a low end triple bladed one with extra strip of lubricant to get a more pleasant shave. It turned out that it was better.

Triple bladed

However, it just struck me that if I 'downgraded' back to my two bladed shaver, I would have just gone back to my initial shaving routine which was shaving every 2-3 days instead of being lazier i.e 4-5 days :D

Yohan Blake said this because he was constantly Usain Bolt's shadow

Looks like I found my solution and I'm back to my good shaves again!

Laziness can really cost us more without us realizing that some of us as far better off initially.

Ps: This solution is probably for the 'less hairy' men like myself.