Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Human Superman

Today I woke up from a dream. A dream which I always wanted to be, superman.

In that dream I was superman. Things are always done on time, saving people and yet have time to be at work as Clark Kent and date Louis Lane.

I always thought I'm superman

But this dream was different.

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, I was reminded of the noble art of leaving things undone"

In that dream, superman wasn't super, but some it felt great leaving some unaccomplished chores.

Maybe the wisdom of life consists of the elimination of non-essentials. 

Signing off,
Human Superman

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Expectation vs Reality

Yesterday I went to the saloon to get a haircut. E told me to try something different as I will not be going back to school for the next few weeks. Well i tried to be adventurous and google some hairstyles before it was my turn.

I finally decided on this new hairstyle which I wanted.

Wanted to look like david beckham, wait who doesn't want right? It was more of a way to honour his retirement from soccer *cough*

Okay back to the story, so I showed the hairstylist this picture and he sniggered at me asking if I really wanted to pull off this look. 

If you noticed most of my post were on haircuts and im sure you know what's the outcome even before I told you so. 

Yup, it turned out quite bad. It did not resemble any sense of david beckham's hairstyle. @.@ 

Expectations vs Reality really sometimes do suck  :D 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Edamame - healthy snack

I have developed a new liking for japanese peas recently. There are called Edamame. Before this I used to tell e that someone would be stupid enough to order a plate of edamame from our favourite jap stall. Turns out that after ordering a plate of edamame, I got quite hooked to it myself. 

If you are wondering how it looks like, 

It is a very healthy snack to eat at night. In case you are wondering where I got these from, I bought them from Giant. Go over to the japanese section and look for the freezers. They should be in there. Plus they are cheaper, only $2.80 bucks for 400g.

Yum, I'm going to spend my nights snacking on them. Remember to add some salt to the water when you boil them!