Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Two of the finest woodcutters in a small village challenged each other to a competition. Their task was to chop as much wood as possible in a day.

The first men quickly gather his best axe and started chopping his wood. Determined to outclass his competitor, he vowed that he would continued chopping all the way within that day.

While he was furiously chopping his wood, his competitor often took breaks and was in a relaxed mood. After the day, the two men came together again and the first man was shocked that he had lost to his competitor by a huge amount.

The first man asked his competitor," How it is possible for you to chop more wood than me given that you have so much rest? I've worked my butt off and even used the finest axe that I have"

His competitor replied, " While you were furiously chopping away, I took breaks. What you did not notice that during my breaks, I sharpened my axe. "

Ask yourself, what have you been doing during your rest time? A good reminder to myself. 

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