Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expired Goods

Somehow I have this weird habit of keeping things in my room and not touch them for a period of time. Yesterday, I decided to check up on my stored food and guess what I found.

Expired and expiring goods.

1) Expired Milo - 11/11/2009. I even tried making a cup for myself but did not take a sip. Haha! Expired milo tends to coagulate together no matter how hard you stir. Quite cool!

2) Expiring chicken essences. 24/4/2010. Yes today is the 20th (: And so I decided to bless my church members who were studying hard in school XD

Moral of the story:
Mum, don't need to buy vitamins,nutritious goods for me because you are not here to force it down my throat. haha! In fact, I think my brother's Vitamin B's already expired too. haha!

It's so hot, I better go take a swim in my new pool! Bye!



Legend said...

Chicken essence can expire lol?
I go check the one I have now...

ChongX said...

haha! yes it will! but i gave mine to friends and drank up quickly!