Thursday, January 6, 2011

When Left is Right and Right is Left

I'm still adapting to the pace of life in Finland. People here are more carefree,relaxed and helpful. Being new to this small town, it is really easy to get lost and I had to ask for directions many of times.

I remember having trouble looking for my apartment and I approached this guy on the street. He started to speak in Finnish with loads of hand gestures and obviously I could not understand what he was saying. He then grabbed my 20kg luggage and dragged it all the way to my destination. Maybe being Asian in a small town full of whites has it benefits (:

Since my arrival, many concerned friends and family members asked me if I could adapt to the horrendous weather conditions here. Surprisingly it's okay except sometimes I do get up in the middle of the night because it's too cold!

Also it makes me wonder why are the beds, chairs, tables and sinks so short over here! I have to bend almost ninety degrees just to switch on the tab to brush my teeth. I always thought that in the European countries things would be taller and bigger considering their huge frame.

Besides that, I'm yet to get used to the left hand drive system over here. Everytime I cross a road, I will tend to look left first then right which is disastrous as the car will come from the right. Haha! The switches are also one the left side instead of the right.

The pace of life here is too slow for a kiasu kid like me. I need to find something to kill off the boredom, any great suggestions besides travelling? (:

The cheapest buffet ever, 2.50 euros and I get it everyday for lunch! (:


Legend said...

Nice life.
Pick up Finnish during your spare time.
I thought you wanted to learn it.
Or can ask the korean gal to teach u korean lolz.

ChongX said...

hahha nice life? it's only week 1 bro! yea i'm learning it slowly, super hard language cus need loads of tongue action :P
wohoo korean girls!

ehh said...

hmmm... the food looks yummy! =)

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-seokie- said...

Waaahhhhhh make sure you make the most out of your year on exchange!!! And get those fingers out of your gloves and snap some pretty photographs!

ChongX said...

haha! for a moment I was thinking who it was :P HALRO!

yes seokie, will do so! I'll take loads of pretty photos and upload on facebook!