Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learn Chinese

It's funny how I find myself speaking more Mandarin nowadays. I definitely credit this 'huge accomplishment' to my Chinese friends I met when I was in Finland. Ironically, I managed to force myself and muster courage to converse with them. 

I even took the effort to 'invest' some money and of course time to learn more. 

I bought some primary school textbooks to read on my own! xD

To those who think that learning mandarin is an uphill task, it's not that hard if you dare to humiliate yourself in front of your friends. Maybe one day I'll upload videos of myself speaking fluently mandarin. bewhahhaha

Monday, July 11, 2011

Warehouse Sale

For 3 consecutive weekends, I have been shifting things be it for myself or for my friends. I've a whole load of things to get rid off and if anyone wants it just drop me a message.

Items for sale
1) Bar fridge
2) Vacuum cleaner
3) Printer
4) Books, loads of text books ranging from economics to engineering

Of course, don't call me to help me shift your things anymore. I think my back will break already and I can even graduate with a minor in logistics management.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Semalam merupakan peristiwa bersejarah untuk tanah tumpah darahku. Memang amat pelik melihat rakan-rakanku yang tidak memperdulikan keadaan politik di negara, melafazkan semangat patriotik mereka melalui dunia digital. Mungkinkah ini titik perubahan dalam sejarah negara kita? Ataupun kita masih akan terperangkap dalam 'jerumus dan kezaliman' kerajaan kita? 

Tapi apa yang pasti ialah sudah tentu lebih rakyat yang sedar akan kejatuhan zaman kegemilangan negara kita dan inilah masanya untuk kita menyumbang tenaga mencapai Wawasan 2020 yang kian hari kian ragu.

Disinilah aku dilahirkan,
Disinilah tanah tumpah darahku,
Disinilah aku ditunjuk ajar,
Disinilah aku akan dikemubikan.

Akulah anak watan Malaysia.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guai Lan Kia

This was what I found out at my work place

If you look closer,
printing lady auntie

Tsk tsk, guai lan kia!Si beh pai see (mischievous kid! super naughty and cheeky) (;
At least something that makes my day when i pass by the printing room. haha!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Roma Pass

I have previously wrote on some travel tips on Italy and it can be found here and here.

As for those who intend to go to Rome, I would suggest getting the Roma Pass. This Roma Pass enables you to visit two attractions for free and also a 3 day free transportation around Rome. The problem with Rome is that most of the attractions i.e museums have an entrance fee and it is definitely more worth it getting this pass.

One thing about Rome is that it is a major tourist attraction and the long queues at the tourist attractions will totally spoil your mood. You can queue for almost 2 hours just to get into the Colosseum but if you purchase the Roma Pass, there will be a special lane  for all the Roma Pass holders. There will be also a lot of tour guides camping around the long queues just to convince you that you can skip pass the queue by joining their tour group which in the end is more expensive!
The queue on the left is for tourist to buy the entrance ticket whereas on the right is the lane for Roma Pass users :)

The Roma Pass can be bought in any grocery or sundry stall. I bought mine at the Main Train Station in Roma Termini. I can't exactly remember the price but I guess it was about 25 euros. Oh yes, maps in Italy are not free but it is included in the Roma Pass package.

As for buses and trams in Rome, they are rather straight forward as compared to the tubes in London. Apparently according to my friend, most of the people don't pay for the public transport because nobody checks. So yea if you are short on cash and desperate,.... go make Roma Sandwiches :) 

 Rome Rome Rome

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cycle

One of my biggest worry upon returning from exchange would be executing 'the cycle'. It's funny how my mind quickly adapts to the cycle that I've been through for the past years. For example, " Oh, it's Saturday and I need to do my laundry today." or even simple things like " It's 7.30pm and I need to grab food from the canteen!" 

Me hanging my clothes for the first time this year. I miss dumping all my clothes in the dryer :D

Do something different from your normal routine. It could be something very simple like taking a detour from the normal route we take to work/school. I'm yet to cook a meal in NTU so yea maybe I'll do it tomorrow (;