Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laid back

If there's one country to sit back and relax, it's definitely Finland. The banking system here is really not efficient at all!

Fact 1- You need to make an appointment with the bank just to open your account. Appointment as in you come another day (3-4days later) to complete a 15 minute procedure.

Fact 2- For a foreign cheque, it takes 5-6 weeks to clear. I brought a bank draft here and I thought it takes 3 working days to clear but I was clearly wrong.

Fact 3- Once your foreign cheque has been cleared, they take 30 euros from you for waiting so patiently. How awesome is that!

Fact 4- You neeed to activate and verify your Visa for internet banking. This alone takes 2 weeks T.T

Hello Finland, by the time all this is done, i'll be back in Singapore already!!

On the other hand, if you are working here, you will benefit tremendously (: I must say their waiting time is way more frustrating that the Malaysian government agencies. What has Singapore turned me into? A monster who wants things quick and efficient?

World Peace! ^.^


leedshasnomoresnowyay said...

no actually the banking here took ages too, compared to the 'efficiency' of malaysian banks. AND they decided to post our debit cards to us, which is quite retarded really. and with their super impressive (not sarcastic) anti-fraud systems, the card and the pins are sent separately, so you have to wait for both before you can use them -_-
but anyway. rant over.

ChongX said...


hahah! yea same case here! I guess it's the same for all the EU nations. my pin was delayed by a week and i actually got my card before my pin. I had to go to the bank and request for my pin again, shortly after that both the pins came at the same time -.-