Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lectures and Tutorials

Last Friday was my first ever lecture in Finland but it turned out to be a surprise. Over here, lectures and tutorials start 15 minutes later than the designated time. For example, if it's at 10 am, then the professor will be in there at 10.15am. For myself, I obviously went to class 5 minutes before 10 and waited there like a dungu. The worst part was I only found out that class was cancelled after waiting for 30 minutes because some kind soul told me.

The empty lecture hall

Guess it's the Finnish culture! (; Sometimes being too relaxed here gives me a certain degree of stress. I'm constantly wondering why time passes so slow over here! The sun rises at 10am and sets by 3pm which also means that the working hours are cut short too. I really wonder what do the Finns do at night!

I'm starting to think like a housewife already. Everyday when I wake up I wonder what I will be cooking for dinner. Maybe one day I'll become a famous char kuey teow seller! Anyone has ideas on what to cook for dinner? (:

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Legend said...

Egg's Benedict !!!
Anyway, that sounds like Malaysian culture also.
Remember in secondary school where teachers are often absent from classes?