Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simple Pleasures of Life

It's too good to be true that life is stress free for me at the moment. Maybe the only thing that stresses me right now is thinking of what to cook for the next meal. It's really strange that I can have so much time to myself as compared to a few months back.

I must admit, i'm getting addicted the saunas. It really makes my world go round! Maybe it is signs of aging where night clubs and parties aren't my thing anymore. I don't really look forward to getting squashed by tonnes of bodies and splashing on alcohol (never been my habit).

Yea, i really know what I want for my birthday already, a sauna in my house (:

Today is a historical day for me, baked my first ever cake and played with frozen eggs (:

Frozen eggs!!

My historical cake(:

My muscular-Moomin :p

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