Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Durian Runtuh

Durian runtuh or the literal translation means falling durians. It's a malay proverb that means you obtain unexpected income aka free money out of the blues.

Well, sadly it didn't happen to me but I did learn a great lesson from my short jog on the first day of 2013. While I was jogging, I noticed an old rusty bicycle parked just outside an empty grass patch in one of the halls. It struck me that no joker would actually lock his old bicycle in the middle of no where, and so I took a quick look around me and I climbed up the little slope.

Upon climbing up the slope, I saw two old man looking up in the sky, as if they were doing some serious star gazing at 5pm in the evening. I looked up and I got a shock when I saw tonnes of durian on the tree @.@ I wish i brought my camera there.

Being a keh-poh, I walked towards the old uncle and started talking to him. (Conversation taken in Hokkien + Mandarin)

Me : Uncle, 你在做什么?

Uncle : 小弟, I'm waiting for durians to drop. That tree is not good, this tree is better.

Me: oh, how do you know uncle?

Uncle: Look up in the sky, the birds know it. they tend to flock to this tree on the right here.

Me: Wow, so do you do this everyday?

Uncle : 如果有时间我来啊.

I waited about 15 minutes with the uncle and suddenly a small durian dropped on the floor and another Malay uncle was actually deeper inside to collect his loot. He then screamed out to me to join him in this feast

Malay Uncle: Eh boy, come eat, durian fallen down fresh from the tree must be eaten immediately. This is something that money can't buy. haha!

Me: *smiles* grabs the tiny durian and starts eating.

Malay Uncle: You know, uncle actually suppose to work now but I'm here collecting durian. Boy, this is some simple joys in life you must remember. Your generation probably won't appreciate it.

Me: Thanks uncle for that small reminder. I'm going to take the rest of it back for my gf. Bye! Have a good day. Btw, what breed is this durian? D24? *I did try to act smart :P*

Malay Uncle : This is durian hutan (forest/wild durian). You can't put a grade to it you know. Satisfaction beats the D24, Musang king etc. haha

Me: ok! thanks!! byee!

I'm going to go collect more now! :D

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Sha said...

I googled 'durian runtuh' to really make sure I knew the right meaning to it and stumbled upon your blog. I laughed so much at your story and it was soooo good to read.

one durian kaki in Scandinavia.