Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pulau Ubin

I spent my weekend at Ubin with my kids and some thoughts came to me during my short stay there. At times it felt as if I was suppose to clock in the hours as there was minimal reception aka away from civilization.

1) What we do with time, defines us.
The stay there felt like a mini sabbatical/getaway/torture for all of us. Some felt that it was redundant to carry out certain activities and the duration of it should be shorten so we could have our longer weekends. Some brought their intended work/markings to do but did not have the discipline to see through it. Other decided to spend time bonding with other colleagues. Some took a run around the campsite and to our surprise we found wild rambutan trees,grab a ladder and quickly got their hands dirty with the sweet delights. My decision to follow a new found friend to catch sunrise ended up with a surprise as we spotted ...
Photo: Spotted a family of hornbills at ubin!
wild hornbills! about 12-15 of them were flying tree to tree to steal some eggs from nests. What a sight it was!

2) It's nice to feel young again
Surround yourself with young people is one way to feel young at heart again. I had the privilege to watch their campfire where they will come together to perform skits and cheers to round off the camp. Brings back memories of my scouting days, where we were so shameless to perform in front of our peers.

Photo: Campfire!
Campfire. Regulated campfire :P

3)We never truly know how to appreciate something until we have lost it forever.
Nah, take out the forever part behind. Oh yes I appreciate my sweet bed and infact after the camp, I bought two new pillows to replace my old ones :) What a spoilt kid I am. Good to have some back to basics style nights. My dinner was plain white rice with two miserable pieces of chicken. I'm pretty sure the kids had it better than us for their dinner, they were lavished with tuna and baked beans! but then again, I rather have my 'crappy' dinner than sleeping on the hard floor. hehe

Ps : Kinda ignite my dream retirement homestay :) Maybe i'll blog about it soon.