Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pack pack packk!

It's funny how life works. Opportunities come knocking on my door when i'm just about to leave for a while. I was just telling my dad what would be the opportunity cost going to Europe for 6 months and it turns out that currently there are more benefits staying back in the tiny red dot. Don't really want to elaborate much but I really do pray that God is sending me there for a reason (after so many missed opportunities in the first half of the year)

Oh well, like I always say, if only I knew. If only we knew, then bracing through life challenges won't be fun anymore. Looking back at past experiences won't matter as well.

Finally got my long awaited visa which enables me to a multitudes of Ang-mohs

Packing can take forever when you have a mum like mine.

Mum : Nik!! Do you need to buy some food to bring over there?
Me : No need la, I can buy over there!
The next thing I knew, my bag's filled with maggi mees, energy bars,milo, and some unknown vitamins. Like they say, mumknows best! (;

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