Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Light District and other more

Summer's around the corner and most of my exchange friends are on the roll again to hit different parts of Europe. One common question they asked me was ,"What did you do in the Red Light District in Amsterdam?". I did tell them what I did and even added some places that they should try to visit while they are there.

Firstly, you need to know how does the red light district looks like. No, all the buildings ain't red like those in Melaka or everyone in that district is naked or must be clothed in red. It's basically a normal street in the morning and the 'fun' starts only at night.

This is actually the entrance to the red light district. Once you crossed this, it's an eye opening experience.

In the district, cameras are a big no no. Apparently according to my Dutch friend, he said that if you tried to take a photo of a prostitute, the pimps will come and smash your cameras right away! Ya, so value your camera and don't try to be cheeky. It is to protect the prostitutes image and not treat them like sex slaves/animals. Err I really didn't see any sense in what I was told.

Red light district is a huge area but what I noticed was that there seemed to be more people in the narrower alleys. Maybe because people want to be closer to their targets in closer proximity? There was even a little shop right at the corner of the district where it takes you in a maze to see the displays for the night. I must say they are really creative, dimming all the lights and using only fluorescent light to catch more attention.  

The girls are behind a glass window while we tourist have a free tour. Once they agree on the price, the curtains will be drawn and the action begins. So the next time if you are there and noticed that the curtains are drawn, you know why!

My friend even mentioned that the colours displayed also have a meaning.
Red means real women
Blue means transgenders whom has undergone surgery
Purple means transgenders whom yet to undergo surgery

Yea so be sure to know what you are asking for. Also if the more red it is means it's more skewed to females.  Don't laugh, the price is all the same because in Amsterdam there's no discrimination and everything is equal. O.O. This means that besides the red light district, there's also the blue light district but there's only one street for it because the demand is lower. haha! How to find it? Erm, I can't really recall how I got there but all I remembered was it's across a canal!There's also a fettish corner in the red light district. I shall not elaborate it any further and let you find out yourself xD 

Oh yea, while you are there, try to catch the peek/peep show. I'm not encouraging you to watch it but I myself was impressed how they entice victims/customers. Interested people will enter a cubical covered just with a set of curtains. Once they are ready, they will insert 1 euro and the curtain will be raised. Right in front of them would be a pretty lady dancing and slowing stripping but here's the trick. They must continuously insert coins to keep the curtains raised just like video games. haha! Here's another catch, only 1 person is allowed in the small cubical at a time.

Amsterdam is a really interesting city (; See what good friends I have!

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