Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Kiasu-ism. That's how I survived in Singapore that's what is going to keep me alive in Finland as well. Today there was an open house in my university where companies come and display their company info, it's more of a career fair in short.

Well of course I know they won't possibly hire me because I'll be here for 6 months and also I've got a dreadful bond with the Sg gov *cough cough, have to watch my words* but all I wanted was the goodies they offered(:

Me: Moi! So does your company offer any opportunities for a student majoring in Mathematics?
Company: Oh, * long pause* Mathematics? i'm sorry we are more on application based
Me: * pretends to look dejected* :( oh, Kiitos, means thank you

*walks away and grab a handful of candies*

Half of my bounty (: which the rest I distributed to my friends.

Btw, i think i know what I'm going to get for souvenirs, Fazer Chocolates. Local chocolates which taste so good!


ehh said...

chocs!! i waaant!! kiitos =)

ChongX said...

i will bring some home (:

Patrick said...

HAHAHAH heard that Finland produces one of the finest chocolates in the world!! :)

ChongX said...

oh really? I didn't know that man! but the chocolates here are super delicious. haha! all set to go ?