Sunday, July 28, 2013

Count your blessings today

Ever heard of the 3 Blessings exercise? It's a daily activity done, preferably at a certain time of the day, and it has proven to have great positive effects on the individual. Normally a person would be most reflective before he goes to bed. A reminder to myself, not only should i count my blessings but I should also make my blessings count :)

When was the last time you thanked someone or the Lord for something small?

Monday, July 15, 2013

A year later,

About more than a year ago I wrote this post on Fear.

And today, that fear still looms around once in a while but yet i'm thankful for supportive family and friends who are keeping me sane :)

Some thoughts came to me when I was on my way back home after work,

" Not only we work hard but yet most of us fail to acknowledge that we are overworked. Even more so, not everyone will have the guts to change their current predicament but instead just hold on tightly to what they have" 

And also I chanced upon this article in the papers today titled,

"In era of instant gratification, time not on Govt’s side , Singapore’s ‘super-efficient’ reputation is compounding the situation where people expect fast solutions: Analysts"

You can read the article here . My blog nowadays seems like a complain blog which truly lack the humour in the past. I used to laugh while writing my own blog posts. hohoo

Till then,
Human Superman