Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm still wondering why do Finnish people sleep so early? Is it because they have nothing to do hence sleep, or is it just that they are lazy? I'm not stereotyping here.I think i do sleep a lot but still feel tired, maybe it's the lack of sunlight over here.

And oh yea, it still feels really weird to strike up a conversation whenever I'm on the bus.It always goes like this:

Stranger: *smiles* Moi,means Hello, China?
Me :Oh no, Singapore (:
Stranger: Japan?
Me: No, Singapore!
Stranger: Oh Singapore, nice place, nice place! You exchange student here?
Me: Yeap! (:
Stranger: Good good, hope you enjoy Finland!

Yea, roughly goes like that. I guess every Asian thinks a white man is from the States whereas the Europeans think every Chinese is from China.

Oh,it's 12am i better sleep xD


Legend said...

Gotta sleep early to solve the population density problem.

ChongX said...

hahaha! it's not even dense here man! there's only 5 million people here and land area is bigger than thailand, maybe indonesia too!