Monday, September 12, 2011

Shampoo curse

I started my Saturday morning afternoon with a twist of fate. I woke up from my beauty sleep, wanting to take a nice shower but I soon found out that my body shampoo was finishing. Like all concerned mothers, my mum normally buys in bulk and makes me grab an extra of everything, from shampoo to detergent, all the way from home to my hostel in Singapore.

Knowing that I had my back up supplies with me, I quickly grab an extra bottle of body shampoo from my cabinet. Well, it turned out that my mum gave me two shampoo bottles instead of body shampoo and shampoo each. This reminds me of my shampoo incident in hall three years back. What's life without surprises huh? :) I ended up spending the start of my day in the supermarket with the old aunties and uncles. haha

At least I got my door decorated :D Say hi to Momo