Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Green

One thing about Finland is that it is the total opposite of whatever I have been experiencing all my life. One recent event would be Earth Hour. I received tonnes of facebook events trying to raise awareness by switching off our lights or doing our part for an hour to save mother earth but over here in Finland, there was barely any hype on Earth Hour.

This is because, virtually everything in here is green. I recently changed the light bulb in my room and had a simple chat with the serviceman stating that the bulbs here aren't as bright as the ones back in Singapore/Malaysia. He told me that these bulbs are energy saving bulbs and I should be happy that I have lights in my room. Even the corridors to my apartment are sensored based lights.

Did you know that supermarkets here do not provide plastic bags when you shop? If you need one, you could buy them or you could just bring your own bag for your groceries. Well, if you came to my room, I store loads of plastic bags xD

There's also this cool recycling machine which I want to share with those back home.

Basically after drinking your cans you keep each an everyone of them because they can earn you a quick buck

You can find these recycling machines in all supermarkets and shopping malls.

And you just insert your cans/bottles into the machine.

After you are done, you just press the green button and you will receive a receipt. With that receipt you can use it as a cash voucher or redeem it for cash. How cool is that. 1 normal 325ml can is worth 15 cents (Euro which is around 26 sg cents, 60 my cents) and 1 can of soft drink is only 90 cents. Now tell me joker won't recycle. I've seen people lugging huge carts of empty cans and bottles just to recycle at the nearby supermarket.

I should bring this concept home. Whee


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Esther said...

Singapore already has this. Saw it in City Square Mall since last year =p

suchi said...

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