Monday, April 4, 2011

How to avoid pickpockets

I'll be heading to Italy in a few days time and I've heard tonnes of stories on pickpockets over there. I even had a senior who lost her passport over there and had to fly back all the way to Malaysia just to get her passport done again. So i really really do hope nothing unpleasant will occur during my trip. I came up with some measures to hopefully protect myself.

1) Item: Wallet & Handphone
Venue: Front pocket
I will be placing my wallet in my front pocket, which i always have, to increase the sensitivity of touches. Well, it is proven that my vital and more sensitive area would not be the rear end but the front. I suppose that it is the same for everyone XD

2) Item : Passport and Cash
Venue: Little pouch strapped round my waist facing the front
I've two compartments for my pouch. I'll be placing my passport in the smaller compartment which is not easily accessible. For the bigger one, my camera will be there. I will also be distributing my cash all over the pouch, into other smaller compartments, *touch wood* if I anything happens.

3) Item: Clothes
Venue: Backpack
I will be distracting the thieves attention to my backpack. I have a small lock which my dad gave me and I will be locking the zips together. Here's the tricky part, my bag's zip isn't working really well, so I'm going to push my zip all the way to one end. Also I'll put placing my socks and undergarments at the most accessible area for them. hahahah!

My little lock at the side

Dad even labelled my bag so that the thieves can be friendly to me

Above all these measures, I'll be parading this everywhere I go


Euro Trip here I come!

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