Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel Tips in Italy

Previously, I was writing on how to avoid pickpockets and now I'll be sharing on how to survive in Italy, food wise.Before I continue, let me give you a little background on the F&B in Italy. Do correct me if I'm wrong! Thanks!

Basically a simple meal at a restaurant will cost you around 15-20 euros without taking into consideration of service,tax, tips etc. They also have this weird system where take away food is cheaper as compared to dine ins. My friends and I almost bought a cup of coffee at a cafe until we realized that we had to give a tip to the waiter if we dined in. Not that we were stingy, just that we had a tight budget (:

If you are looking for something cheaper and more affordable, you can buy kebabs or pizza slices from convenient trucks. They are practically everywhere and the prices are rather similar. Kebabs could cost you 3-4 euros while a slice of pizza is around 2.50 -3 euros.

Well, if you are even more tight on your budget, I would strongly recommend the Roma Sandwich to you! It's healthy and nutritious!

This was how we fed our stomachs for a few meals when we were in Rome. Not because we wanted to save on food but mainly because our hostel didn't have cooking facilities so we went vegetarian (: MOE should give us more money so we won't have to eat Roma Sandwich all the time :P Dedicated to all backpackers and travelers


Patrick said...

Hahaha drink cappuccino at the bar! hehe no service charge.

Did you visit Trastevere? Food is superbly cheap over there. You can get a pizza (not a slice) for EUR3-5.

ChongX said...

ah, really no service charge? lol! nope, where is that place? wow so cheap!

where's your next travelling destination?

Patrick said...

Well, service is EUR1.50.

However, there was this restaurant that charged us EUR0.50 for service and it was featured in lonely planet guide. hehe

I am going to vienna for the easter weekend. After that, I will focus on my studies to prepare for exams. hehe yourself?

ChongX said...

same here man. I'm back to focus on my studies. I'm just planning to explore around more my town these few days. vienna is a nice place! you can see mozart every where.

I'm gonna go to ireland, UK and iceland after my exams then head home. xD