Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Midnight Sun

Ever heard of the midnight sun? It's a natural phenomena that occurs in summer where the sun never sets. So it's basically a 24 hour daylight for certain areas. More info can be found here.

Anyways i've been having some trouble sleeping these few days not because of stress or insomnia. It's because of that the sun rises too early and wakes me up. Yea the sun rises about 6am here and sets around 8.30pm and it's not even summer yet.

One good solution would be using curtains but sadly I don't have it. So i resorted to a few ideas. First I tried to move my bed position to avoid the sunlight but it didn't exactly worked out for me.

Next was just to cover my whole head with my beanie but then after a while during the night, I will unconsciously twist and turn and the beanie eventually falls off.Fail again.

Then I tried using eye shades or I call them tiny bras wrapped round the head. It did work out for the first few nights but the feeling of something wrapped round your eyes is still kinda scary.Especially when you wake up and all you see is dark surrounding and later only you realized that there's something covering your eyes.

Maybe I should just splurge a few bucks on cute curtains or just sleep earlier and get my 8 hours of sleep. Or maybe I should just wake up and eat my breakfast.


Legend said...

Go get curtains lolz.
It'll only rise earlier and earlier.
Alternatively, you can try sleeping at 10 and waking up at 5? lolz

cty said...

What about the improvised curtains that dad did for u ? use a broader and longer opaque sheet and u'll be done mah!!! Anyway, good nite!!
Love, Dad