Thursday, April 21, 2011

Con Jobs in Italy

No doubt Italy is a beautiful country but I personally feel that the people there aren't as friendly as the other countries I have visited. Maybe because that there is too many tourists around until the locals themselves are fed up to spare some time for us? Oh well, nevertheless I'll share some encounters while I was there.

Con Job: Human Statue
Threat level: Low
Description: They try to earn an extra buck from passers-by who are impressed by their stationary state. Well, occasionally you would be lucky to see them twitch; I mean after all they are human.

Statue of Liberty

Cowboy wannabe

Prevention: You can actually take photos of them without paying anything. Those human statues won't suddenly come alive and bug you for tips. If you are feeling generous, don't hesitate to reward them!

Con Job: Acting Gladiators
Threat Level: Medium
Description: They usually strike their preys in groups. They target innocent looking tourist, asking them if they want a photo with them. Well of course, they won't mention that it comes with a price making you think they want a photo with you.

Not hard to spot them if you watch the movie 300.

Prevention: The easiest way to fend off these people would be rejecting their 'kind offers'. However, if you still want a photo with them, I would encourage you to negotiate a fixed priced with them before flashing your cameras. Also if you want a photo with them, try to take it with a huge group of friends so that they will not come up with exorbitant prices.

Con Job: Flower Boys
Threat Level: High
Description: What would a romantic country be without beautiful flowers? These flower boys also work in groups. They target women specifically, forcing them to take their flowers. I have seen with my own eyes that they shove the flowers into the ladies' hands and afterwards offering to take a photo for them.

Lurking for their next victim

Con job in process

Prevention: Never fall into their trap if they insist on you taking it for free. We all know that nothing comes free (: Just show an uninterested gesture to them and they will hop on the the next lady they see on the street. I don't know how much they will charge if you take a stalk of rose but do let me know if anyone of you know!

Con Job: String Man
Threat Level: Medium
Description: There will be a man going around asking if you wanted to see something. He will be holding a few strings and will later ask you to stretch your arms out. When you do so, he would tie a knot around your wrist and finally cut it off. At the end of it, he would ask for a dollar for the 'little bracelet' around your poor wrist.

I'm sure there are tonnes of con jobs out there. Just remember to becareful and beaware of these things (: I'm sure you won't want your holiday to be ruined by these crooks (:

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