Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hernekeitto; Finnish Pea Soup

For the past few weeks I find myself in a very strange diet. Not because I lost my appetite but rather I kinda challenged myself, or i think i did, to learn and eat differently. I have been using the oven to cook my meals and some what adding cheese and yogurt to most of my food. haha! I think by the time I reach home my parents won't be able to recognize me. Nah, of course i'm kidding, I'm still the same or at least I hope I look the same xD

Well, I shall not blog about my failed attempt of trying to bake potatoes (:

This is a traditional Finnish meal. It consists of pea soup and a pancake. They are normally served on Thursdays as a preparation for fasting on Fridays in the pre-reformation era.

It's a small portion but it is very filling! The pancakes are normally eaten with cranberry sauce or other jams depending on individual preferences.

The pea soup whereas, is cooked with some meat. It's also common to add some onions, although I'm not a big fan of onions, in the pea soup

It is delicious and I'll try to cook it some day xD Normally in my university, you can notice long queues from the Finns just to get a taste of this delicious meal! Wait till you try the black sausages,Mustamakkara, or the salmiakki ;S

Finnish Black sausages,Mustamakkara. 'YUMMY!'

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