Saturday, March 19, 2011

Perfect Timing

I ended my two week job as a 'tour guide' to my parents bringing them around Scandinavian cities, Central Europe and a typical Baltic county. Like mum said travelling is all about timing and we are really blessed to have such great timings and friends;

1) On the first day, their baggage got delayed which clearly frees the burden of lugging it around Helsinki and Suomenlinna Island.
2) Our backs did not touch the floor as my friends offered extra mattress
3) We did have to stick to a bread and potato diet with the help of my friend's rice cooker. My mum behaves strangely when she doesn't eat rice for more than 3 consecutive meals
4) Managed to 'kop' an extra bus card left by my ex-roomie
5) Welcomed by Frankfurt with a 10 minute dash to catch the bus to Heidelberg
6) Met a local Latvian on the flight to tell us tips on places to eat/go without getting slaughtered
7) Bumped into an Indian who was wearing a T-shirt that mum was looking to buy for my little brother
8) Stayed with a German who reminded me on the importance of mastering multiple languages; for in my case, buck up my embarrassing Mandarin xD
9) Snowed heavily on the final day of their two week holiday.

I can't ask for a better break with them. In fact it's the longest I've spent with them since my university days.

Lazy and relaxing days in Tampere

ps: forgive my bad colour codings (:

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