Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bye Bye Winter?

For the first time in my life I walked out early for my core papers. The difference is I'm in TUT and and NTU! I'm not going to brag but I still can't believe that the exams were a little to easy from what i expected. What puzzles me more is that some students were struggling to figure out the questions.

On the side note, it's getting warmer here. I think it's the warmest (4 degrees) since I first came to Tampere. The pine trees are covered with snow anymore but the roads and buildings are. Puddles of water are starting to form from the melted snow. The thought of spring approaching excites me and I really want to experience the smell of green grass
growing again.

This weekend will be a different one for me. I'll be experiencing my first Finnish traditional cottage getaway. It is basically a cottage located far far far away from the urban area. It's just you,the green grass (in summer), lakes, no wild animals and nobody else. Perfect getaway from civilization (:

Snowflakes, this may be the last time I'll be seeing it in my life (:


Legend said...

now you know why they stereotype all chinese as being good in maths LOLz

ChongX said...

hahahh!! yea now i know why they gave me the stare when i walked out early but i'm not true blue chinese:P