Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Travel Myths

Someone told me that I was very fortunate to be travelling around and see the world at a very young age. Yes, I don't deny that but I always tell them that sometimes,well most of the time, it's not as fun as it looks (; Let me tell you why,

While in the day you get to see many beautiful sights, by night you have to catch the last bus to the airport to secure a 'comfortable' place. This was one of the thousand positions you will maneuver throughout the night. Trust me, no matter how tired you are, it's almost impossible to sleep in the airport/train.

Sometimes, you will be so exhausted that you may doze off during short bus rides 

The best part would be having good Samaritans to offer you a tiny corner in their apartment for a night. I'm often amazed by their generosity to accommodate me although I barely know them

And at times, you maybe lucky to have some who allows you to snuggle in with them for a night or two.

But nothing beats your bed back home, this I can assure you! (; 
Home bound!!

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