Sunday, June 19, 2011

Appendix explained

A few days ago I was admitted into the hospital for appendicitis but now I'm recovering well at home. Most of my friends attribute my calamity to post-eating activities such as exercises or jumping like a kid. The doctor however, said appendicitis happens over a period of days and most of the time it's unlucky and unforeseen.

For me I choose to think it's because of the saying, "Like father like son"

Thanks dad for encouraging me to exercise after my meals or exercise regularly when I'm bored.

Just pray I don't get white hair like you when I'm 30
Happy Father's Day (;


Shanrui said...

Your father is seriously damn funny. Why did he do that dance? And you're recovering well???

ChongX said...

haha! like father like son! he was too bored that's why he did the dance! yeap i'm recovering well and stuck at home!!!