Friday, June 10, 2011

Finding a hotspot!

Internet is very important especially when you are travelling but most of the time in Europe it's not free! It's very disappointing to find out there's internet but when you are greeted with the Visa logo on the login page, that's the end of your joy.I found out a cheat code on how to get free internet and I'm more than willing to share it! Doesn't guarantee that you will get free internet at airports but it's worth a try!

When at the airport, go to the nearest computer/electronic stores.
Chances are that they will have tablets displayed. Of course you will have to talk to the salesman to show a little interest in their products, then only you should check for internet!

 Then off you go, you can easily kill 2-3 hours in the airport instead of hanging out on benches. We did this in London Gatwick and Heathrow. Haha! You can share which other airports that has free wireless internet (:


Legend said...

I tot u can tether the internet from their iphone lol

ChongX said...

erm tether only works with cable! i tried to tether with chin leng's phone but failed