Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extended Holiday, Song Bo!

,Dad: Nik, you very bored in the hospital?

Me: Not really, it's like my days in Tampere. Just eat,sleep and exist :D

Dad: Very true!!

Me: Songg Boo!! , means nice or not in Hokkien.

I asked my father to take a photo before my small surgery to remove my appendix

 Later did i know he also took a shot after it while I was still under GA

It was really depressing to just rest on the bed the whole day and I found this picture quite interesting. It's just basically lines which were painted in such a complicated manner.

I also realized the importance of medical insurance and the support of your loved ones during this period.Trust me, this is something that you won't regret (; Also do make sure that you double check what type of policy you have purchased. Most of us are just to lazy to bother!

One last obstacle for me, i still need clearance from my higher order i.e my mother! XD


Esther said...

"It's just basically lines which were painted in such a complicated manner."

math geek cuteness indeed. =p

cty said...

Well,, at least you got rid of a redundant part of your body!! Surely, you will not get an inflamation or a ruptured appendix again throughout your entire life! That's a blessing!!
Love, Dad

ChongX said...

esther: hehe (; got a few more paintings that involved pi r^2!

dad: thanks dad!