Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year New Me? Skydiving Fox Glacier

Happy New Year to everyone! This time I was rather lazy to wish my friends, so I decided to only reply if only they did message me. I'm such a bad person :(

How did I spend my new years? I travelled all the way to the west to have Carls Jr with Ester just to satisfy our craving for chilli cheese fries. Yumm! Ironically last year, oh wait two years ago,2012 we travelled all the way to Joo Koon just to eat Sarpino's pizza.

Don't really like to share my resolutions but here is a few which I hope to maintain till forever

1) Stay healthy and fit.
Yes, I know a lot of people say I'm still young and I should be less conscious of my diet/food but the fact that I don't have the luxury of home coked food everyday means I will have to choose 'healthier' options. I'm going to cook more often, simple meals at home. Also with E uprooting herself to the east, makes me more motivated to run with her again. Just like old days, I can't believe she made me run with her almost everyday in hall O.O I'm also going to explore more cycling options on weekends. Ah that reminds me that I need to do up my bicycle. Anyone reading this has a second hand bicycle for sale?

2) Spend more time at home.
2013 was my year away from home. I think I was only back in KL 4-5 days the whole year, considering the fact that I spend 18 days in NZ and a little more days in JB and Melaka. Opps, sorry mum and dad! As a result of that, mum proposed that we do a Batam trip together during CNY. I probably can't ask for more time but will try my best to go home whenever possible.

3) Skydiving round 2? I did it at Fox Glazier, Franz Joseph. Click on photos for bigger image

 I had no idea there was a wing camera, else I'll probably act more manly

I'm still alive. Pheww!!

The experience was of skydiving at Fox Glacier was indescribable. All I knew was that I'm very thankful to be alive after a surge of adrenaline from the 45 second free-fall. 

But then again, you don't need to conquer all your fears head on. There is always a safer and longer route :P 

Happy New Year! :)

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