Sunday, January 12, 2014

Expired Mars Bars

The saga of expired goods still continue to tag along with me even I have graduated from university. Let's recap on some things that were expired under my wonderful care.

This time my Mars bars were going to expire. E was generous enough to get me Mars bars from the convenience store near her place. It was on a discount, buy one free one for only a dollar. We knew there was a catch to the offer and true enough the Mars bars were going to expire in a week (As i'm writing this, i'm only left with 5 days)

How did my first Mars bar tasted? The milk chocolate part was rather hard despite not being refrigerated. It did still taste like chocolate but it was rather flaky and bubbly. Bubbly in a sense that it has expanded and had some 'cushion' or the bubbly chocolate from the Cadbury Bubbly.

Yea, it looked exactly like that. 

As for the caramel part, it wasn't chewy at all @.@ The strange part was, even though it did not taste like a normal Mars Bar, I had no idea why I still managed to finish it :D Must be my sweet tooth nature. hehe

The question is, should I eat my last bar now, or should I wait a few days and see how does expired Mars bars look like? Tell me what to do while I go munch on healthier options. 

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