Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bicycle Uncle

I got an answered prayer today! I've been wanting to get my bicycle fixed as it was punctured a few days ago. Also my other bicycle was starting to give me a bit of a problem, mainly the gears. My brother and I actually resorted to salvage the seat and throw the bike away and but a brand new one from Giant.

I bumped into the bike uncle at my place after having my dinner with E today. I quickly greeted him and asked if I was too late to get my bike fixed.

To cut the long story short (also I'm super sleepy now) I was amazed by his sheer determination and willingness to go the extra mile to fix my bicycle problem. He shared with me that he collects bicycle spare parts, basically salvages whatever parts from unwanted bicycles and somehow magically reassembles them into brand new bikes. 

He went to the extend of salvaging ball-bearings from the bicycle shaft from another bicycle, replacing them with mine @.@ It was fun watching him work and of course I took this opportunity to brush up my rusty Hokkien. 

Yipee, now I can roll around my place with my new bicycle :D vroom. You won't believe how much it costed me to repair and replace quite a number of parts for both my bicycle.

For those who don't know how does a ball-bearing look like. My first time dissecting the bicycle shaft :/

Now I want to repair all the bicycles in the world! :D

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Anonymous said...

Don't you remember your grandpapa used to owe a bicycle shop and repair bicycles too in Taiping town. hahaha!! so you also want to be a entrepreneur dealing in bicycles maybe more advance type or the conventional type??