Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That tiny cube of sugar

Yesterday as I was surfing the net while munching some sugar biscuits, something small caught my attention. Not being the tidiest eater around, some crumbs and sugar cubes actually fell on my table. This caused some ants to start to congregate around their loot.

I think I have this weird fascination for insects since my kindergarten days. ( Oh yes, I've actually inspired my whole class to eat blacks ants in the toilet, convincing them that it was rather salty which my teacher was shocked because the whole class actually gather at the toilet to look for black ants to munch on.)

Okay back to the topic, as these ants were busy with their loot, I actually tried an experiment. I plucked out a bigger cube of sugar from my biscuit and gently placed it beside their loot. What do you think actually happened? Honestly i thought that the ants will go for the bigger cube but instead they were so focused on their current loot.

It got me thinking a little bit. How many times do we easily get distracted when something better is placed in front of us? Do we leave our current treasures and go for the bigger fish? Or do we stick to it until it is complete?

Sugar sugar!~Sugar lips

I don't have the answer :) but one thing I can say is that,

Back to work!

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