Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm not a big fan of getting a haircut or a new look. This is because most of the time, what I want my hair to turn out to will always, I emphasize always, just look bad.

Let me share with you what I always tell the auntie that cuts my hair.

Me: Aunty, I want to cut my sides very short. like this short *shows the length with my pinky* 

Aunty: *nods

Me: I also want my top to be thin because when my hair grow long, it will just grow straight up and of course look good.

Aunty: *nods. Okay no problem.

Feeling good because I thought I explained how I want it to be and I'll let the aunty do her 'magic'. I always have high hopes that it will turn out ok but it never does. @.@

I'll just stick to my primary 3 hairstyle. simple, neat and cute @.@

 Ah Wong hairstyle

Anyone knows how to get a good haircut? or is it just me T.T nom nom nom nommm! 


chin leng said...

haha bro, u are funny! I am also very afraid how my hair will turn out too when i start to cut here. i have totally no experience how to tell the barber, because in singapore my mum usually tells them, and from then on its the standard protocol!

maybe the trick is go back to the same auntie who cut u again the next time and tell her last time no good. so that got some benchmark to improve. jumping around barber may not solve the problem :P

ChongX said...

hahah!!!good idea. this time i tried the saloon at ntu. it's not too bad.ya in KL my mum would help me out as well.

maybe show a picture of your previous hairstyle to them?