Thursday, October 11, 2012


Remember the game frogger when we were younger? If you forgot how it looks like, it looks like this

Basically the objective of the game was to maneuver the frog across a series of oncoming vehicles.

So here's where the adventure began. I spotted a frog/toad just outside my room. I started to use my poking skills (had a lot of exchanges of this with Chin Leng on facebook) to get the frog moving but sadly it didnt respond to me. I then increased the intensity of my pokes, prodding it harder from the back of the leg to its nose. Still doesn't work.

Got me thinking, what if there were predators around, will the frog still stay put? Brushing aside that thought, I picked up a stick and started poking it even harder. Yet the frog didn't budge. Next I took my apple core and started rocking it in front of the frog, thinking that it might be hungry. At this point, there were some girls walking by and I quickly pretended to look away. Probably thought I was some crazy kid waving my apple in the air.

When they left, I continued my adventure. This time I said to myself, " Why not feed the frog one worm?" Guess what?

I finally got it to move :D But I lost a blue worm of mine :( 

Another angle.

Moral of the story : Stand firm on your ground despite the many distractions but do always remember to react when needed!  

Or Even frogs succumb to delicious food, what more us? :D  

And oh yes, the thing that they say that frogs have long tongues, I didn't see its tongue rolling out to eat my poor worm. 

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chin leng said...

wee! hahaha interesting post bro. i like the moral of the story! knowing when to react reminds me of the serenity prayer :)