Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainbow In Tampere

A few days ago I witness a formation of a rainbow. It wasn't a big one but it was rather strange and special!
 It started off in the middle of no where. The funny thing was there was no rain before that. Maybe it was the cloudy weather, I don't know.

Then it stretched down towards the left side and after 5 minutes it disappeared. It never came back :(
I think Finland is really a special place. You get to experience all the natural phenomenon that occurs, from the long gloomy winter days to the beautiful auroras in the skies. I'm really going to miss this place. In fact I'm currently in Cork but I'm missing Finland.

Yesterday was also the first time I had so many chops on my passport :D I was at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Finnair was heavily promoting their direct flight to Singapore. They even handed out sweet wrappers with the Merlion on them.

After a long journey of transiting and long overhauls, I finally stepped foot in Ireland. From then I knew it was the beginning of my grand finale (: And oh, Chin Leng and Chang Yuan warmly welcomed me with a doughnut party!
Ireland vs Finland. 4-1.
 The white package flew all the way from Pyynikki observation tower to join the doughnut party.


cty said...

Those ginger doughnuts were awesome!! Are u taking some back for Dad?

ChongX said...

tak boleh la, i wont be going back to finland already, plus u cant get so much sweet things!