Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ash happens:)

It's my first time trying to blog with my 'smart phone'here.finally I am utilizing it to the fullest potential.haha.
Come to think of it I am very lucky to be here typing this post and still surf the net.At first I was really excited when the volcano erupted as I could head down to the city centre to collect some ash but it wasn't really exciting when dark clouds were hovering over my head.Iceland is really a land of unpredictable predicaments and I can truly understand the struggles the locals face everyday. You can see it from a perspective that they are blessed with ample of geothermal energy but at the same time they have to fear of unforeseen circumstance.

I guess it really sets the mood for my personal reflection of my exchange journey.don't worry I'm safe here and worrying doesn't help much:p


cty said...

We have been praying for you n Chin Leng's safety since Saturday. While u have this unique experience, we wanna you to be able to leave Iceland as planned and be back in SG/MY. God Bless n protect. Love, Dad

Legend said...