Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mama's Day

Scenario: It was Sunday night in Malaysia around 8pm when I talked on Skype with my parents.Our conversation was held in Hokkien. Translation is in Italic.

Mum :Nik, Lu chiak ba buay? Nik, Have you eaten dinner?

Me: Yea, wa chiak liao. Ani ba. Yea, I've eaten. Very full now

Mum: Oh, so lu zho ha mi? Oh, so what are you doing?

Me: Bo ha mi ming gia la. Nothing much

Mum: Lu cai jin jit si ha mi bo? You know what is today or not?
Me: Jin jit? jin jit si lei bai. Today? Today is Sunday

Mum: Ooo. *silent for a while*

Me: Aiyar, Happy Mother's Day (:

Mum: *big grin on her face*

Haha. Mum's cute and predictable! 
Happy Mother's Day!<3

Now I know where i got my cute dimples from. kekekeeeee

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