Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kick that coin!

I was on my way home from work yesterday and I took my usual bus back. Upon entering the bus, I noticed a twenty cent coin shining brightly on the floor near the entrance.

My first instinct was that I noticed many people around me look at that coin but chose not to pick it up. I to decided not to pick it up but sat nearby so that I could do some observations. These are some of the things I noticed.

1) A few people did their normal routine upon entering the bus. They tapped in walked by that coin and took a seat.

2) Many like myself, tapped in, looked at the coin (probably hesitated) and quickly act as if they did not see it

3) An uncle noticed the coin, sat as close as he could get to the coin but still did not pick it up. Instead he was constantly looking at the coin throughout the journey. Guess what that uncle did when he exited the bus? He gave the coin a hard kick and stormed off.

I still find myself pondering over that observation I made yesterday. What if we took that coin as an opportunity in our lives? After all, the coin has only two sides , mathematically by the law of large numbers the probability of obtaining heads or tails is always half, which also means that we could either choose to seize the coin (opportunity) or just let it pass by and get kicked by someone else.

Hehe :)

Taiwanese coins, to show how much I missed the people and culture there. 

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