Sunday, March 30, 2014


Running out of ideas for my blog posts or maybe I just have a few things to say to myself.

Couple of things I want to be thankful for
1) My new slipper
2) Good consecutive evening runs with E (hopefully I get to hit my goal of 65kg XD)

Somethings I need to improve on
1) Water my new baby plant more often. Leaves are starting to grow but then the soil tends to dry up quickly.
2) Cut down on sweet drinks. Feel thirsty too often (could be the weather?) which makes me keep buying teh peng, etc. @.@

That's all for now, new week, new month.  Oh I feel life is getting mundane :/

Nights Chongx

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Anonymous said...

Nikki, If you feel thirsty too frequently, do a quick check of your blood sugar n see if it is within range. Otherwise, it could be the onset of diabetes... which is what I do not wish that u inherit it from me.