Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Small Tweaks

I've been using the June holidays to do some small tweaks in certain areas. Here are some of the tweaks which I can recall,

1) Exercising 'more regularly'
I had a little more time to exercise during the holidays and I also had an exercise buddy, E and my brother, to help me get going. Some small tweaks I did was to eat a little earlier so that I could go for night jogs which I soon realized that I got hungry after my run and ate even more :D Fail max.

2) Review of accounts
Sounds very old man-ish but this was what I did. I took a day to consolidate my monthly expenditure and soon realized that if I did switch to the OCBC 360 account, I could soon 'feel richer'. Well that minor switch was quite a hassle for me but I'm thankful for helpful people at work to get the necessary admin done for me. I basically bazooka-ed all my spendings into one account which actually simplifies things for myself. Well done Nik! *pats my own shoulder*

3) Got hooked onto Young Justice.
All it took was just a visit to E's place which I came across this cartoon. With just that small tweak/click of the play button, I ended up watching the entire season 1 & 2 in 3 days :P I must say that show is really addictive or I'm just a super-hero kinda guy. If you want, I can share with you the site I watched online. Too bad that there won't be season 3, else I'll probably be blogging less.

So, from the above, I guess not all small tweaks are the best tweaks right?

What are some of your small tweaks that you have done recently and how well/bad did it turn out?

hehe, a picture of my Young Justice won't hurt right? 

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