Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stranger Rants

Today was probably one of the days where I had a few strangers randomly talking to me.

The first was when I was dreading my bad luck when I missed my bus back home after a long day at work when two old Malay aunties reached the bus stop as well. They were bemoaning their luck as well because they literally watch our bus drove passed them despite the many attempts to flag it down.

One of the aunties started talking to me as they had knew me for a long time. She kicked off the conversation by saying to me ," Boy just finished work ah?"

Me being a little frustrate, checking the bus app and only to find out that the next bus would be 20 minutes, decided to force a little smile and said ," Yup, just finished work "

Aunty : " Wow so late! Nowadays I don't understand why youngsters like you works so late! My son also comes back so late. What do you work as?"

Me : " I teach "

Aunty : " Oh boy, mak cik pity you! Teachers work so hard nowadays, plus kids are so rude too. Must be hard. Let me tell you something boy, I know a lot of teachers in IMH.

Me : " O.O "

Our conversation lasted for about 20 minutes plus and I did enjoy listening to her rants about Singapore, work, China and Hong King people and public buses.

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