Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fish Story

Today I found out that fishes are choosy animals when it comes to their diet. From my experience, I normally just feed my fishes fish food or bread, basically scraps. Even if you did not feed them that, they will be able to some how survive by eating their own poop.

My loyal customer was complaining to me today his expensive fishes have been refusing to eat market prawns and according to him, they now only eat worms. O.O That made him invest in a bigger composting bin which in enables him to increase his fish feed.

Honestly I was quite shocked at the incident and came up with some thoughts from this fish story.

1) Life gets mundane at times. At some juncture we will need something different to spice it up a little.
I consider the market prawns to a simple plate of cai fan (mixed vegetables). The prawns to the fish are like 'boring/common' food. The owner feeds them because it's probably cheap and easily available. Similar to us, if we continue eating cai fan everyday we probably get bored and the uncle at the stall will remember our eating patterns. Maybe that's why people go crazy when they go for buffets :P

2) If we pamper ourselves too often, it will be hard to take a step back. 
Just life the fish, the owner probably pampered them with abundance of yummy and luxurious things, creating a 'vessel' aka hunger strike when their supply of worms was depleted. Oh yes, trust me I know how that feels. I've been eating too good food for the past week that often I crave them even more. Give you an example, for today's dinner I was craving fast food and the thought of eating burger king flashed passed me a thousand times when I was trying to distract myself in the library. Guess what, I ended up eating.... cai fan!:D and trust me, of that plate of cai fan never tasted so bad in my life @.@

My tasty  Cai Fan, came with lot of bones too @.@ 

3) Find more owners who pampers their fishes just like this one!

Ps: Back to eating healthily again, hopefully : D 

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