Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fishing Encounter

Today I had the privilege to witness an interesting fishing encounter at Bedok Jetty. As I was cycling back home, I heard some jingles on a fishing rod nearby indicating that the rod may have a bite. Very quickly a little boy rushed to his rod and shouted in excitement to alert his dad that his rod had a bite. Everyone around the jetty turned their attention to the little boy to see what he may have potentially caught. I just stood nearby to join in.

An uncle, who was jogging, also joined in the excitement and went very close to the kid. The little boy was so excited that he started shouting to his siblings that he has a gut feeling it would be a big catch looking at how taut his line was.

The uncle however, was just mocking the little kid. " Boy reel in faster la, uncle want to see what fish you catch". A while later he continued his 'taunts', " Eh boy, tak makan nasi a? Need uncle to help you?"

What surprised me was that his father was right beside the kid when the uncle said all these things but the father just smiled and told his son ," Patient ok? Take your time"

The uncle impatiently said, " Boy, you must reel in faster or else your fish will run away"  But the little kid ignored the uncle or probably from what I observed, he was more engrossed in landing his catch.

I just stood beside, exchanging smiles to the father when that uncle was babbling away.

Some random thoughts ran through my head when I was standing and observing the whole incident.
Uncle :
Represents society or more so skeptics. Often they come to you when there is a pot of gold, probably hoping for a slice of it.

Kid : 
Represents us as individuals. Remember the first time when we got our first pay cheque or when we first saw snow

Dad :
Represents all cool fathers :D

Do drop comments on your own interpretation. Man I feel like a retiree : D


Wencin said...

Good analogy, but how does it make you feel like a retiree?

ChongX said...

hahah thanks! oh the retiree part was when i met an uncle who was telling me stories about his retired life :P