Sunday, April 14, 2013

When $800-1000 mattered most

Let me tell you a story today, 

I overheard a conversation between two boys, with one of them telling his friend about how he plans to skip school on particular days just to work to find an extra income. He then bragged to his friend that by doing so and burning off his weekends on his new job as well, he will be able to rake in 800-1000 dollar per month which would actually make him a 'rich' man. Well what the kid didn't know was probably the hard truth and I did not really want to burst his bubble.

Reminded my of the story which I wrote about here last year.

I do know how it feels like to work and study at the same time as I myself had experienced during my secondary school and university days. The difference was my part-time job helped spurred me to work harder, to manage my time better so that I can squeeze every minute to study but instead these boys were doing it the other way. I did not have time to talk to the boys and looking back at it, I wish I had decided to share some of my experiences with them to capture these teachable moments.

Getting lost, really do help you find yourself.

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I'm new here,too :) Whish luck :)