Saturday, April 6, 2013


If there was one ability that I could request for, I would request for foresight. Okay maybe I'm starting to sound old when I say that, maybe I should ask for speed, just like my favourite hero, Flash.

Anyways back to the topic on foresight. No I don't have the ability of foresight. Even if I did have it, it would be from my observation or experiences mingling with people around me. Today I'll be writing on a fictional person, based on my own personal observations for the past few weeks. Let's name this person, person A.

Well you see, person A is an old man now. He is probably into his sixties or seventies, yet he is actually living all alone in a rented room. His daily routine consists of waking up, making his own breakfast. After which he loiters around his rented house and finally decides to go out for a walk. He probably just go with the flow and walks to where he wants to, only with the aim to kill time before he heads home to complete his daily routine.

He sits at the local kopitiam and drinks his favourite cup of coffee, trying to make friends with the kopitiam aunties and uncles, yet they only exchanged a few words with him. Deep down, he longs for company, someone to listen to him talk or even just to deliver him out of his lonely world.

Everyday on his way back, he reflects on his past, thinking of what he has done wrong. When he was younger, he worked, in fact worked so hard until he got promoted even faster than his peers. Outwardly he looked untouchable and everyone adored him yet inside he was a lonely man.

The only thing he could do now is to regret, hoping that he could turn back time and probably focused more time on his family and loved ones. He ends his day by cooking a simple meal for himself , just to kill off 1-2 hours in the day, and sits all alone in the living room to watch his faithful Cantonese drama. Finally he goes to bed by 9.30 pm only to repeat the same routine again tomorrow.

Moral of the story?
You decide it yourself :)

Are you looking for that rainbow in your life? Maybe you just have to look up more.

Ps: “You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down”

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